The Ontario Employment Education & Research Centre (OEERC) and the Workers’ Action Centre are hosting their 12th annual Workers’ Bowl (in-person) on Saturday, November 16, 2024!

Fundraise for a great cause. Support the workers' movement!

We're in this together, let's empower workers.


Training and skills-building

Our training and education programs help develop skills in community organizing for racialized, immigrant and low-income workers across Ontario.


Leadership programs

Our Senior Leader and Community Leader Programs support workers to develop skills in community outreach, and public education on rights in the workplace in Mandarin, Bengali, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish and Tamil.



Running know your rights workshops in our communities and providing ESL classes for workers focusing on the language of the workplace and workplace rights.


Organizing and building a movement!

Supporting muli-racial and multi-lingual public education and community organizing, including outreach efforts and working with community-based media.